post-conference edition
updated on 2007-March-06(Tue)

Thank you for participating in

the 6th KEK Topical Conference:
Frontiers in Particle Physics and Cosmology (KEKTC6)

February 6-8, 2007
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan

post-conference tour to the J-PARC site [optional] on February 9

Program with links to the slides [ html ]

Poster Session in the evening of February 6 (Tue) [ pdf ]

List of participants [ pdf ]

This project was supported in part by grant-in-aids of
Tsukuba EXPO’85 Memorial Foundation and Inoue Foundation for Science.

Advisory Committee:
A.E. Bonder (BINP)
T. Kobayashi (ICEPP, U. of Tokyo)
K. Nakamura (KEK)
K. Nishikawa (KEK)
Y. Okada (KEK)
Y. Sakai (KEK)
H.W. Sobel (UC Irvine)
Y. Suzuki (ICRR, U. of Tokyo)
M. Yamaguchi (Tohoku U.)
T. Yamanaka (Osaka U.)
Local Organizing Committee:
F. Takasaki (Chairperson)
M. Nozaki (Vice-chairperson)
A.K. Ichikawa
H. Iwasaki
N. Katayama
T. Komatsubara
M. Nojiri
N. Okada
O. Tajima

documents in the past:

  • Final Circular (January 2007)
  • Transportation to Tsukuba (January 2007)

  • First Circular (October 2006)
  • Introduction to J-PARC (October 2006)
  • Accommodation for KEKTC6 participants (October 2006)

  • Announcement [pdf] (June 30, 2006)

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